In a previous post, I talked about 15 mistakes to avoid when it comes to LinkedIn. In this post, I’m going to carry on with that theme, mistakes to avoid in social media, with 15 mistakes to avoid on Twitter.

  1. You don’t engage your followers;
  2. Don’t post insensitive, unprofessional or rude tweets;
  3. Do not tweet when your followers aren’t awake;
  4. Do not tweet something important you did just one time. Tweet it again at a later date and time;
  5. Don’t tweet aggressively about politics or religion, or get in debates about politics or religion;
  6. You don’t retweet important, interesting and relevant tweets from others, in which your followers would be interested in;
  7. You should not require a confirmation link be clicked before a person can actually start following you;
  8. Do not protect your tweets;
  9. You don’t complete your profile – this includes your about section, website link (if any) and header photo;
  10. You do not tweet on a regular basis;
  11. You do not tweet at a consistent time. If you are a blogger, try tweeting at the same time of day, so your followers know when to watch out for a new post. Applications like Hootsuite and BufferApp can help you schedule tweets;
  12. If you are replying to another user’s tweet, do not be abusive or rude. Remember, not everything you disagree with needs a reply;
  13. Do not create fake Twitter accounts for the sole purpose of following you – so it looks like you have more followers;
  14. Do not use more than three (3) hashtags in a tweet;
  15. You don’t use Twitter as a professional, career building resource. You tweet about personal stuff like buying a hotdog, instead of focusing on advising your career by showing the world what you are capable of doing;

What you should take away from the above is to use Twitter as a professional social media platform, where you should be social and promote yourself in a non-spammy way. Engage your followers and use the opportunity to engage with users that do not follow you.

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